Sunday, April 14, 2013

We went to NYC!!!!!!!!!

We went to NYC for Rob's 30th Birthday and had such a wonderful time exploring the city that never sleeps!

Entering NYC at sunset

Time Square

Birthday Cupcakes

Rob had 5 hotdogs while we were there, I had 2 pretzels - they were amazing!

Off for the evening

The president and his wife watching over us

Mary Poppins!!

911 Memorial

Looking out to Brooklyn

My photogenic hubby

M&M Land

Enjoying some REALY NYC Pizza

Making serving easy

For almost the last 5 years Rob and I have had a really great marriage. We still like each other, still play together, and still consider each other our best friend (thank The Lord). Just the other week we got into a discussion regarding the behavior other men to their wives and other marriages that we have been able to observe here in Boston. It made me realize a really simple fact:

It is really easy to be Rob's wife

I didn't truly understand what it meant to be a wife when I married this stud, and it has taken me a while to figure it all out - with the help of older and wiser women. I finally feel like I am starting to grasp what I have been given. 

Serving Rob and being his wife is so so easy and I boil it down to this:

While other husbands talk down to their wives, mine is constantly telling me how beautiful I am and that I am the smartest person he knows. While other husbands belittle their wives and treat them with disdain, mine is lifting me up and encouraging me to be a better woman, and friend. While other husbands ignore their wives, mine is constantly wanting to spend more time with me. While other husbands try to stay away from the house, mine is always finding new ways everyday to show his love to me. 

How could these first years of marriage not have been a breeze? I got so blessed in the husband department. And when I spell it out like this, I am not sure why on some days I still struggle putting his needs before mine. 

Regardless, I am so thankful that our little kid gets to have a Dad like this that makes life so darn wonderful!

Friday, March 8, 2013

I didn't like Vegas, but dancing with a Robot was fun

I was required to attend a conference in Vegas this year and was looking forward to visiting and seeing the city and all the things I had heard about it. My excitement took a downward spiral on arrival.

I was instantly struck by two things: everything was fake, and I could never get away from the smell of smoke. I couldn't get over how everything (and everyone) looked so artificial, there was no natural beauty, and it seemed as though girls were in competition to see who could wear the shortest skirt and highest heels.

We arrived at 5pm and so I was eager to go out and explore Vegas, and yes, there were fun and interesting things to look at, but I couldn't shake the heavy sense of sin everywhere. There are so many lives broken here, families torn apart because of actions here - I guess it didn't get the name "sin city" for no reason. The longer I spent here I just couldn't see the appeal of going there for vacation and supporting a city that makes sin seem so......ok.

I was able to spend a good amount of time catching up with my "Pacific Peeps" I just love how they receive me with open arms regardless of not being faculty there any more. These two are my favs:

I did have a GREAT time at the conference though, the highlight.....dancing with a Robot!! He was quite the flirty little thing, told me he thinks I must have been assembled on another planet because I was "out of this world" - haha. Another highlight was getting to listen to Bill Clinton speak - he didn't have that much to say but it was awfully fun to see a former president up close!

I did learn to play blackjack while in Vegas, and I even managed to come out $25 on top - those penny slots however, they are extremely fun but I wasn't as successful. 

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Christmas is definitely here

x≈≈xXXTTThesseRob and I missed each other soooo much while I was away so we had lots of time to make up for.

After a wonderful church service and a lazy afternoon in front of the tree reading and drinking adult cider (cider with caramel vodka), we decided it was about time we did the zoo lights!!

It was so so much fun - partly because we were the only adults there without kids and partly because we were acting like kids ourselves. Eating fried dough, oohing and ahhing at the porcupines needles and how slooooooowly the sloth moved across his branch.

In keeping with the Christmas spirit, on our way home we stopped and got a Christmas movie was some gingerbread mix! It was the cutest Christmas movie and we decorated our gingerbread cookies - again acting like little kids.

My heart is so incredibly filled with joy right now, and for no particular reason, except that I feel so loved and get to love back.

Surprise Trip to Portland

Well this last week has been a blast with so many wonderful and exciting things happening.

First off: The sweetest baby girl Evangeline Grace Erickson was born on November 30th at 1120 weighing in at 7lbs 12oz and a whole bunch of cuteness. I was a bundle of nerves for about 30hrs being so far away from Tiff, but they kept me so updated it was like I was in the waiting room. Tiff did an incredible job and did it 100% natural. She only pushed for about 30min!!! She's my labour hero.

We Skyped and called each other over the next few days and I had lots of virtual cuddles.

I left for Vegas (for a conference) on Saturday and by Monday it dawned on me I was just a 2hr flight away from Portland and no plans for the weekend. I quickly called Kev - trying to be as wary as I could not knowing how Tiff would be feeling and if she wanted visitors or not. But, Kev replied with an "absolutely, she'll wet herself with excitement"! I booked my flight the moment I could and Wednesday couldn't come soon enough.

Tiff was napping when I arrived and so I just sat snuggling the bundle of sweetness - she's a great cuddler! Tiff woke up about 9pm and rounded the corner with sleepy eyes. We both started bawling and embraced over her sleepy baby. (I later found out Kev had told her someone had come to visit her - which she wasn't too thrilled about, it being 9pm and all! That all changed when she knew who it was).

We spent the new few days just enjoying the sweet little lady who is totally trucking me into thinking all babies are this perfect!! Tiff is such an amazing mother and being around her reminds me of what an important and giant influence she is in my life. Oh, and I'm 100% smitten with little Evangeline!

While in Portland I did also get to catch up with the family and Mumma Geri put on a delicious lunch so I could see them all. The trip wasn't nearly long enough to see everyone though :(

I arrived back in Boston on Saturday at 2130 with butterflies in my stomach to see my man. 1 week is a LONG time to be without him.

I was a absolutely wonderful week and I am so thankful God orchestrated everything for me to be able to go!